Pyar Hone Dein: A Celebration of Sabeen Mahmud

Sunday, April 24rd from 5 to 8pm
“Faasla Na Rakhein – Pyar Hone Dein”
Let there be no distance – let there be love

That was our beloved Sabeen Mahmud’s motto, and that is part of the amazing legacy that Sabeen has left all of us. A year ago, the global progressive community lost an incredible fighter, artist, revolutionary and friend. Sunday, we come together to celebrate the beauty of Sabeen’s life and legacy.

Sabeen was active in the struggle for democracy and open dialogue in Pakistan. She was a sitar player and founder of the All-Pakistan Music Conference. Her coffee shop/meeting space T2F became where other peace-loving, justice-seeking Pakistanis would gather to meet, plan and dream together.

Please join us for a celebratory evening at BloomBars that will include music, poetry, and laughter. If you are an artist, poet, craftsperson, musician, dancer, filmmaker, photographer, thinker, or dreamer, please join us in giving an offering. You can tell us what you’re thinking to share via email to