Shadow Puppets

Tuesdays at 10:00 – 11:00 am

As visual artist, filmmaker, musician and singer, it makes me very happy to finally be able to bring my visual story telling and music to BloomBars.

As a mother of two, I had the desire to do something more with my creativity, and so we started a musical shadow puppet show at BloomBars every Sunday at 6pm.

I’ve been so inspired by John, and all of the loving and talented people who give so much of their heart and soul to the people and youth in the community at Bloombars.

This fostering of spirit and creativity is exactly what we need more of in the world and sometimes it takes my breath away. We are so lucky!

So, in an attempt to “pay it forward,” I want to contribute to this (continually blossoming) positive energy and share with you the songs that I love to sing to my girls. Many of these songs – some of which you may or may not have heard – are already part of our culture, and worth keeping alive.

Being a country girl at heart and loving the earth as I do, I want to show our kids early what truly matters through song and story telling, and through sharing and smiling and dancing – you get the picture. So please bring you little ones and join me at BloomBars every Sunday at 6 pm to sing our hearts out, to hear stories and play with shadow puppets!

– Kimberly Rose