Spotlights from Around the Nation Shine on BloomBars

by John Chambers, Chief Executive Gardener, BloomBars

This time of year, as winter stubbornly refuses to let us out of its grasp, a few days of warm breezes and reassuring sunshine can cast a shadow on the cold months past and prepare us for a time of new beginnings.

youbloom-webloom-street-sense-columbia-heights-nurturing-growthThank goodness for last week in Washington, D.C.— a good week for the sun to shed its light on BloomBars. The first rays came from a cover story in Street Sense, a weekly newspaper that offers economic opportunities for people experiencing homelessness.

And then we looked up and saw American Airlines’ magazine, American Way, highlighting BloomBars as a carnaval destination to learn and experience Samba from our very own Zezeh.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any brighter, The New York Times came along and lit up BloomBars and our entire block with a feature on some of our favorite local businesses. Of course it was impossible for (c) Brendan Smialowskithem to capture all the coolness in the community, so I’d like to extend a little light to our friends at El Rinconcito Deportivo, Columbia Heights Coffee, Arthur’s Grocery, RedRocks (the best pizza in town), and lastly, the wholesale Ethiopian and Latino bakeries offering us their wafting scents.

There you have it—from the streets to the sky— a light bright enough to reach the vast range of people we want to impact, served as an invitation to experience something special.

For those who have felt that something and want to learn more, we invite you to our volunteer open house on Saturday from 2:00 to 3:00pm. Thanks to our friends at RedRocks, there will be plenty of pizza for all who attend!

And to everyone, we’d like to encourage you to think about the blooms you’d like to see in yourself this spring, to step outside your comfort zone and explore your potential to create. Anything is possible when you commit to it. Seed that!

Oh, and please join us in wishing safe travels to BloomBars drumming instructors Kristen and Kweku as they lead a delegation of drummers on a month-long journey to Ghana. Jabari Exum will be filling their Sunday class for those who want to keep up their practice or start anew.

Until soon, keep blooming,

John Chambers
Chief Executive Gardener