Break in at BloomBars caught on tape. How did we respond?

“There was a break in at BloomBars. It took a while to process why anyone would rob a non-profit arts organization serving the community…and make out with our donation boxes and contents of our curse jar no less. So how did we respond? We told our own redemption song with the surveillance video and made an art installation, appropriately named “Kryptonite,” from the rock he threw through the window and the broken glass. It was cathartic and healing. The lesson: beauty can come from broken glass and a little forgiveness. To watch the video click here … then share with your friends if you agree..”

When I posted that note on Facebook, the response was incredibly supportive and inspirational. People who wanted to feel outrage said that was an impossible emotion after watching this video:

For example, this poignant message came from Sweet Honey in the Rock co-founder Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell, “Some have lost the art of discernment while some have used art to discern essential truths of what we have lost, what we have gained and who we truly are. Thank you BLOOMBARS. I regret what happened, but am glad that I can help art to conquer.”

And the media also chimed in, including these stories:

Several people suggested we set up a GoFundMe page to help recoup our losses. And that’s exactly what we did. Here’s the link:

But the reality is that this troubling event reaffirmed our belief that art can heal, help us grow and spark our inherent creativity in order to face the world on our own terms… so, no loss as all.

Seed that! And keep Blooming!