BloomBars Helps Comprise “Columbia Heights’ Hip Strip”

Arts venue part of what makes Columbia Heights hip

“There’s no booze on offer at this nonprofit “art bar” — but partiers are still welcome.” – The New York Times

Remember a few weeks back when we announced a special guest photographer from a major newspaper was attending Samba class?

zezeh-samba-classes-columbia-heightsWell, the news is out! We were featured in the New York Times Travel Section: In Washington, D.C., Columbia Heights’ Hip Strip along with neighbors Room 11, Meridian Pint, and Wonderland Ballroom.”

Thanks to those of you who attended the class and special thanks to Zezeh who looks great in that photo! Give her Thursday-night samba class a try to experience the dance of Brazil.

We’d also like to thank two of our neighbors who didn’t make it to the slideshow but still make our area great: RedRocks Pizza and Columbia Heights Coffee!

View the New York Times slideshow to see why 11th Street is bustling with unique local businesses:
In Washington, D.C., Columbia Heights’ Hip Strip