Central American Culture and Justice Series: “Son Nica, Song of Revolution”

Saturday, March 19th, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Join us for the first installment of the Central American Culture and Justice Series entitled “Son Nica, Song of Revolution.” Curated by the Nicaraguan-raised Artist in Bloom resident, Elena Lacayo, this installment will look at the role of the Nicaraguan genre of music called “Son Nica” has played in Nicaragua’s tumultuous history. The series will include an examination of the genre, a history of its development and how its growth was shaped by Nicaragua’s historical events, and live examples of the music as interpreted by Elena Lacayo and special guests.

$15 suggested

The Central American Culture and Justice series seeks to unlock and explore the diversity in Latino experiences from Central America through music. Designed by Nicaraguan-raised and DC-based BloomBars Artist in Bloom resident Elena Lacayo, this series examines the origins and evolution of the diversity in Central American music through historical movements and social justice lens.

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