Love Apocalypse

What if the world as we know it really is at a precipice? What if nothing ever stays the same, and change can be altered in the direction of our intentions? These were the foundational questions that led a global Love Apocalypse, originally sprung by social change agent Stacy Monk (Tanzania). On 12/21/12, BloomBars joined people in over 20 cities worldwide gathered to ritualize the end of the world as we’ve known it, and call in a whole new way of being, starting with themselves.
A bright blue spool of sequins laced across the doors of BloomBars, with yellow and pink slips clothes pinned to it. On the slips, answers to these questions written by people in the community: What will you let go of? What world will you create? The same questions were answered in local community art installations around the globe.
At BloomBars, the answers, so earnest, formed a lump in my throat. I’m letting go of violence. I’m letting go of needing to KNOW everything. I’m letting go of self doubt, resentment, jealously, anger. I’m letting go of trying to become somebody different. I’m letting go of staying in my comfort zone. I’m letting go of dwelling on the negative.
I’m creating a world where love is safe. I’m creating a world where faith becomes reality. I’m creating a world where everyone feels loved and accepted. I’m creating a world where truth reigns in me, I stand against injustice, I am my true self. I’m creating a world where personal responsibility and transformation is a great group adventure. I’m creating a world where we trust the good intentions of ourselves and others before guessing against it… where we find power in the WE over the I.
The energy was jovial, loving, tender, contemplative. John brought apple cider and cookies, teens and elders alike drummed spontaneously, hugged each other, chatted, listened as the intentions outside the door spilled over as connection.
At midnight, everyone circled around a great fire in the front and read aloud what they were letting go of before tossing it in the fire. A handfull of people prowling the bars joined in for an unexpected twist to their evening. We collectively meditated on the world we wanted to create and had a great big group cheer.
Personally, nothing has stayed the same in my life since that night. I let go of a lot of pressures and destructive behaviors, and opened myself to a new world of wild self-love and radical trust in the path my life wants to take. My friends who attended have said the same. The thing is, a whole new world is already happening in every moment of life. It’s up to us to ask ourselves, is this really the world I want to be living in? And if not, how am I contributing to way this world pains me? What am I willing to do differently? In a personal way, from the inside out, how shall I transform myself, in order to transform the world?
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infinite love,
Rachael Maddox
local life coach, artist and educator