Interpretive and Folkloric Dance Fusion

Mondays at 6:45 – 8:00 pm

Recognized for her sincere dedication to learning and teaching, Marta offers weekly classes, workshops and private sessions in the D.C. area.
Marta approaches teaching from a holistic perspective, emphasizing technique, stylization, and musical interpretation while helping students understand how each movement initiates, feels and flows through their individual bodies. With a clear historical and cultural foundation, she invites more advanced students to fuse their own creativity, where appropriate, allowing for the exploration of each one’s unique voice.

Through her own independent studies and her certified doula/labor assistant work (ALACE & The Farm Midwives), Marta brings knowledge of women’s health into her teaching; currently working to finish a curriculum that incorporates childbirth education and dance for mothers-to-be. Lastly, Marta is committed to using dance and other forms of creative movement in her work with under-resourced communities (in the U.S. and Latin America) to support engagement, healing, leadership, community building and skills development among women, teens and girls. To this end, she actively volunteered for over 3 years at the Sitar Center for the Arts as well as BloomBars and has completed several community based initiatives including a month-long dance project in Lima, Peru. She continues to provide special workshops and classes throughout the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean.

Marta has been a faculty member at award-winning institutions including Joy of Motion Dance Center (JOM), Dance Institute of Washington (DIW), Sahara Dance (founding instructor), and the MamaSita Cultural Center (home of the Belly Dancers of Color Association). She currently conducts classes at BloomBars, Danza Jonda (Marta’s private dance studio), D.C. Public Schools, and community centers throughout the city.

“Marta’s classes are wonderful and a unique combination of elements. Her precision, empowering teaching style, integration of history and social movements into the dance class, and her emphasis on the basics as the core language from which personal interpretation follows, allows beginners and advanced dancers to enjoy the same class. Thank you for uniting the people and keeping our roots alive and in their power.” -S.L.