8/9: BloomScreen Film: Batuque, the Soul of a People

BatuqueTuesday, August 9th at 7 pm

Batuque, the Soul of a People (2005, 52 min) is director Julio Silvão Tavares’ documentary on the Batuque; a dance and music art form of Cape Verde.

In 1462, the first enslaved Africans were brought to Cape Verde by Portuguese colonists.  Those Africans carried with them the rhythms and the seeds of what became the Batuque: a music form, performed mostly by women, both singers and dancers.  The singers repeat very strong lyrics, sitting in a circle and beating the rhythm with their hands on a piece of cloth between their legs, while one woman performs a sensual dance with her hips in the middle of the circle.

Although it was considered “offensive,” and therefore banned by colonial-era Portuguese settlers, Batuque persisted in the countryside and survived thanks to constant resistance and handover from generation to generation.

Far from presenting a merely historical view, the film offers us moments of great intimacy, by profiling one of the Batuque groups – Raiz de Tambarina.  And, in showing, not only performances, but their everyday lives as well, the film captures the Cape Verde of today and the great passion that is felt for the Batuque.  (Film is in Portuguese with English subtitles). 

After the screening, we’ll talk with the director, Julio Silvão Tavares – all the way from Cape Verde – via Skype video!

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