Vote BloomBars: Best Arts & Culture Nonprofit 2017

Hey fam, we need your help. The last FIVE years – 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 – we’ve been honored to be voted the Best Arts and Culture Nonprofit in Washington City Paper’s “Best of DC” poll. And that’s only been made possible thanks to your votes and support.

Let’s do it again! I know we said we’d sit this one out, but so many of you expressed a desire to go for it again.

And truth be told, this is the best supplement to our nonexistent advertising and marketing budget.

So, do us a huge solid and take 10 seconds to cast your vote for BloomBars for Best Arts & Culture Nonprofit.

Tu 07/18: BloomScreen presents: Black Gold

Tuesday, July 18th at 7:00 pm
Join BloomBars for the heroic tale of one man’s fight for fair prices for Ethiopian coffee growers…

Black Gold (2006, 78 min), by Marc Francis and Nick Francis – Fifteen million Ethiopians make a living related to coffee, which accounts for 67 percent of the country’s foreign exports. Yet as profits soar for coffee sales, the farmers producing the beans continue to receive minimal payments, anywhere from 12 to 25 cents for every kilo picked.
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Tu 07/25: BloomScreen & AWNP present: Faat Kiné

Tuesday, July 25th at 7:00 pm
Join BloomBars and the Africa World Now Project as we present a film by the great Ousmane Sembene…

Faat Kiné (2001, 120 min), by Ousmane Sembene – Kiné (pronounced KEE-neh) is a single mother with two children, two ex-husbands and an assortment of friends. She is the manager of a sparkling new gas station in Dakar, but her success has been hard-earned in a male dominated society.
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What Will 2017 Bring?


In my last message, I shared everything that happened this year at BloomBars. We have a lot to be proud of, but there’s so much more to come next year.

Here’s the really exciting thing: 2017 will mark the tenth anniversary of BloomBars!

Will you make a contribution today to keep BloomBars going strong in its tenth year?

donate now!

The artists, performers, teachers, musicians, and volunteers who keep BloomBars running have big plans for our next year — and beyond. And after nine years of nurturing, growing, and blooming, we’ve come a long way. But we need your support to make 2017 our biggest year yet.

Make a year-end donation to BloomBars now through Fractured Atlas. It’s tax-deductible!

Thank you and have a happy new year,

John R. Chambers
Chief Executive Gardener, BloomBars

We’re still here! 9 years strong! Can you help us make it to 10?

2016 has been a, well, we’ll say an interesting year. But wait! Before your brain goes to someplace political, here’s a reminder of some really great things that happened this year:

  1. BloomBars was voted the “Best Arts and Culture Nonprofit” in DC by supporters like you in the Washington City Paper’s annual Reader Poll – the fifth year in a row!
  2. The Washington Post Magazine wrote a full-page article highlighting our many children’s programs
  3. Our A/C broke! But thanks to generous supporters like you, we were soon keeping it cool (and now HOT) once again
  4. BloomBars family member 123 Andrés was honored with a 2016 Latin Grammy Award for Best Children’s Album
  5. Baba Ras D celebrated his 900th Harambee at BloomBars
  6. Artist in Bloom Resident Rochelle Rice released her debut EP The Wonder to critical acclaim
  7. Renowned jazz musician Mark Meadows launched a monthly program featuring students from Duke Ellington School of the Arts… in addition to winning “Best Recording” “Best Composer” Washington City Paper 2016
  8. Artist in Bloom Resident Elena Lacayo toured her native Nicaragua and the US and launched an indiegogo campaign to support her second bilingual folk-album
  9. Artist in Bloom Resident Tamika Love Jones celebrated two years of her weekly Little Treasures kids program and took a group of high school students to the United Nations to perform original music and facilitate workshops about social justice at the Global Youth Conference in New York.
  10. Artist in Bloom Resident Dante Pope toured the globe with celebrated musicians Kenny Wesley, Raheem DeVaughn and Dom Felmons and started work on his debut album
  11. We hosted the production of an awesome video highlighting products touched by child labor and child slavery made possible by the Child Labor Coalition.
  12. We hosted Generation Listen with NPR, a podcast “listening party” and discussion about vulnerability & change
  13. We hosted tribute events to honor Prince – a dance party for kids and a gathering of artists for all ages
  14. We welcomed dance and music performances from around the globe, including performers from Turkey, Finland, Japan, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Senegal, and the UK.
  15. Our BloomScreen film night partnered with DC Independent Film Festival for International Women’s Day, in addition to weekly independent film screenings every Tuesday
  16. We kick-started a new weekly Spanish-language program (Conta Conmigo) and re-started our French-language music program Nous Bloomon en Francais
  17. We hosted several gallery exhibition featuring local visual artists
  18. We won three grants from Writers & Poets to host poetry workshops by queer writers of color at BloomBars

But most of all, we continued providing opportunities for diverse, multi-lingual, multi-generational communities to gather in a culturally rich and alcohol-free environment, day in and day out!

It hasn’t always been easy, but I’m really proud to say that BloomBars has been there through all the difficulties that 2016 has brought. And here’s where you come in:

Will you help support BloomBars in 2017?

donate now!

Make a year-end, tax-deductible donation today through Fractured Atlas, and support our programs in 2017 and beyond.

Thanks for keeping this intentional community going… and making 2016 memorable. Seriously, we need your support now more than ever.

Forever grateful. Always in service. Trusting in love.

Until soon, keep blooming.

John R. Chambers
Chief Executive Gardener, BloomBars

Sat 11/5 – Opening Reception: Gallery at BloomBars presents “Cause/Change”

Saturday, November 5th, from 7-9pm
The Gallery at BloomBars presents “Cause/Change” – an exhibition by The November 5th Artists Group that brings together a unique class of individuals who challenge the techniques, subject matter and boundaries of art through the pursuit of their individualist visions. Continue reading Sat 11/5 – Opening Reception: Gallery at BloomBars presents “Cause/Change”